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Health & Safety

Health and Safety is at the forefront of all operational and business activities at Coryton Advanced Fuels.

The strong Health and Safety culture embedded at the site ensures continuing focus on maintaining the excellent Health and Safety record to date.

Our Health and Safety policy is focussed on the following key areas:

  • A clear policy stating our commitment to promotion of a strong Health and Safety culture to create a safe working environment.
  • A documented and communicated Emergency Response Plan.
  • Ensuring that the policy is implemented through Safe Operating Procedures.
  • An ongoing internal audit programme for review of all aspects of policy implementation.
  • Personal responsibility by all staff for Health and Safety which is strongly linked to personal reward.

Coryton Advanced Fuels Gasoline, Diesel, Motorsport and Aviation Blending Tanks

A rigorous maintenance schedule is employed to ensure continuing integrity of the plant.