Coryton Advanced Fuels was formed in 2010 with the acquisition of BP’s fuels research and blending facility on the site of the Coryton Oil Refinery, in Essex, UK. The Company grew very successfully, building technical credibility with its Automotive industry customer base by providing high performance products that delivered real value.

Today we produce around 10 million litres of specialist fuels serving the Automotive, Aerospace Lubricant and Additives industries. We deliver all around UK, Germany, France and Europe, and further afield to the USA, Middle East, Asia and Australia. Orders range from 25 litres to over 1 million litres per year.

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The Coryton facility, located just 40km outside London, was designed from its inception as a specialist fuels blending site.

We have over 80 tanks with a total storage volume in excess of 3 million litres including substantial warehouse space for product stored in drums and IBCs. We have segregated production and storage lines for gasoline and diesel fuels to avoid any risk of cross-contamination.

The site is well connected to the UK road network and well placed to deliver into Europe where we have extensive product storage capacity through our logistics partners. Our location also gives us easy access to international sea freight options using isotainers and isotanks, and we also ship fuels by air around the world as required.

The site is designed to very high safety standards and is operated under lower tier COMAH regulations.



Everything we do adheres to the strictest of quality standards


Andrew Wilson
John Notman-Watt
Executive Chairman
Craig Charlton
Operations Director
Ard Martens
Technical Sales Director
Ben Lampertz
Managing Director, Germany
David Richardson
Sales Manager
Head of Formulation
Arne Gimmini