Alternative fuel focus – Ethanol

15 March 2019

Ethanol fuels

Ethanol fuel is a type of alternative fuel that is mostly used for road transportation. The most popular ethanol rich blended fuel E85 consists of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline and is used in Flexible Fuel Vehicles (FFVs) across the world.  Ethanol-blended fuels are mostly used in the United States, Brazil, and parts of Europe as one of the most potent alternatives to traditional motor fuels. Developed from rigorous processes of fermentation, distillation and purification of starch crops, this renewable liquid fuel is considered to be more cost-effective than many alternative solutions and can be easily produced in most of the countries in the world.  

Ethanol rich fuels such as ED95laso have a key role to play in reducing the carbon footprint of commercial vehicles.  ED95 consists of 95% ethanol with 5% of additives that make the fuel suitable for heavy duty truck Diesel engines.


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