What we do


Developing and supplying fuels that meet our customers’ needs is the heart of our business. Most of the fuels we produce are blended to a bespoke recipe to meet a customer specification. These fuels are designed to:

  • Have specific physical properties, such as tailored lubricity, to support mechanical design of engines and components
  • Have specific chemical properties to support research into combustion properties or lubricant and additive development
  • Provide market-realistic solutions for testing and compliance, for example Real Driving Emissions fuels, or fuels that promote a consistent rate of Low Speed Pre-Ignition events
  • Represent the diversity of fuels that exist in the marketplace, allowing customers to ensure their products are robust around the world
  • Replicate real-world “worst case” fuels from specific markets so that customers can design solutions to the problems these fuels can cause
  • Have highly consistent quality to ensure reproducible and repeatable results across multiple batches and multiple testing programmes

We can supply fuels containing a wide range of different components, including:

  • Ethanol, methanol and other oxygenates from E0 to E100
  • Manganese-containing fuels
  • Dust-containing fuels
  • Full range of bio-components, from RME, SME, PME, UCOME etc
  • Aged biodiesels
  • Tailored aromatics profile


We supply a wide range of standardised Reference Fuels that meet the legally – or customer defined – specifications for homologation or product approval testing, such as Emissions or Fuel Economy testing.

  • We develop industry standard reference fuels for specific CEC-defined tests
  • We have developed a suite of LSPI reference and extreme fuels for an OEM-specific lubricant approval test
  • We supply reference fuels used in international markets such as the USA, Japan and China, in addition to the full range of European CEC reference fuels
  • We supply reference fuels designed to investigate a range of issues such as deposit formation, fouling, or C02 emissions

Examples include:

  • European CEC Reference fuels (e.g. RF-02-03, RF-06-08, etc.)
  • Californian CARB fuels, including Phase 2 fuels and LEV III E10
  • Japanese TRIAS fuels
  • US EPA fuels such as Tier 3 E10, protection-grade E15 and EEE Gasoline
  • China III to VI fuels


Our scientists have world class fuels expertise with decades of hands-on experience. This is our approach:

  • We strive to maximise the value we deliver to our customers by identifying the problems they need to solve, and working with them using our technical knowhow and expertise to design a fuel that allows them to do just that
  • We have a strong track record of supporting our customers with this partnership approach. We have helped define internal fuel specifications and developed fuels to support engineering development programmes and internal component and lubricant approval tests
  • We also support industry research bodies carrying out programmes to develop and test a range of “future” fuels, or fuels to aid research into industry-wide issues
  • Our in-house laboratory is capable of forensic-quality fuel analysis across the range of standard fuel quality tests, often providing accurate results outside of the standard range of “normal” analysis

Examples include:

  • Alternative biofuel component studies
  • Developed LSPI reference and extreme fuels with a controlled and repeatable performance that allow the testing of lubricant or additive interactions
  • Fuel matrices that support intake valve deposit studies into deposit type and additive effectiveness
  • Future fuels studies on the impact of varying ethanol/methanol mixes
  • Fuel component studies for DI diesel injector fouling research
  • Contaminated fuels containing for example dust, additives, metals or lubricant or other unexpected fuel components
  • Reverse engineering a problem-causing fuel found in the marketplace, and the production of chemically identical test fuels to support research into that problem.


We design and produce a range of high performance fuels for the motorsport industry and thrive on the winning performances of our customers.

  • We have years of experience in delivering the excellence needed to support that success, from fuel design at the molecular level to the exacting quality assurance and logistics support required
  • We research and procure new component streams to continuously improve fuel performance
  • Our fuels are supplied with the highest level of quality assurance guaranteeing adherence to all required regulations, and ensuring reliable and repeatable performance from race to race

Examples include:

  • We support several winning racing teams with race fuel supply and bespoke development fuels designed to eke out more power and better economy from their power trains
  • We provide a toll blending service for branded racing fuel suppliers


We make a range of fuels for the aerospace industry supporting engine development and fuels systems testing.

  • We supply fuels with specific physical properties that support the testing of fuel system performance under the extreme range of environments experienced in flight, such as thermal expansivity and varying vapour pressure
  • Future fuels, including supporting the Jetscreen programme
  • Regulatory test fuels, for example for engine emissions testing

Examples include:

  • Military jet fuel grades such as F76
  • Russian TS-1 jet fuel
  • Tailored ICAO Jet A1
  • Fuel designed to allow testing of static electricity mitigation solutions